Helsec March 2024 Meetup - Non-members

Welcome to the HelSec March 2024 Meetup!

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Flashtalks are back!
If you're interested in having a flashtalk of max 15-20 mins, please mail [email protected].

17:30 - Doors open
18:00 - Word by HelSec
18:10 - Approaching GenAI with Security in mind - Satu Korhonen
19:00 - Q&A, networking
19:15 - Resilience and Situational Awareness through Data Integrity - So how do you know when you are being lied to? - Tuuli Siiskonen
20:00 - Q&A, networking
20:30 - Opportunity for Flashtalks!
22:00 - Event ends

This meetup will be streamed on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/helsec

Speaker bios:

🔷Satu Korhonen is a Machine Learning Engineer at Solita in Finland with a mission to combine developers and business people in creating safe and robust machine learning solutions that bring long-term business value. She thrives with complicated problems with a plethora of necessary viewpoints to fill business needs while taking end-users into account to create AI solutions that are safe and secure for everyone.

🔷 Tuuli Siiskonen is an Information Security professional, agile security coach, technology enthusiast with human interface. She does red teaming, penetration testing, security incident response, machine learning and software security in cloud, IoT and ICT. She wakes up in the morning to solve problems.

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Where does the event happen? Keilaranta 1, Espoo

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